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What makes this metal detector so nice is it comes in weighing only 4.5 pounds. This metal detector features a 10″ scan area that allows for quick and accurate scanning. Overall this is a great metal detector for those looking to take a step up in the hobby. The coil is also submersible to you can go detecting in and around water. This is a metal detector that is designed for the those deeper involved in the hobby and for professionals.

Beginners who are still learning to use detectors will find the control easy to use as it shows the target depth, objects’ identity, sensitivity and battery levels. Priced at $177.59 at Amazon, Time Ranger is good for professional use at the price of an entry-level metal detector. Finding treasures can be fun on both land and water with this metal detector.

Anything above five pounds is sure to shorten your day of metal detecting. Although the stabilizer can be somewhat supportive, a five-pound metal detector can be a real arm workout after a few hours of sweeping. Additionally, you may want to invest in a metal detector with a low-battery indicator light.

I’m new to detecting and want to get the best I can with the money I have to spend. Would you be kind enough to give me your thoughts on the comparison of the Ace 250 and the Viking VK40. only 6 weeks detecting, really getting addicted to it, however, a few times now had a good signal with my 400i, 60-80. I suggest you take a look at the review and the comments for at pro model, people mentioned that it will take some time to get used to it, it’s not straight out of the box and you probably have to fine tune it for your specific needs.

An adjustable arm cuff is thrown in to guarantee the user has the most comfortable and injury-free experience when searching for the first time. The ‘Coin’ option will set the Ace 350 to only identify coin-like objects while the ‘Relic’ selection alerts users to the existence of buried World War I and II items. The choice between 5 different search modes exists for allowing users to select the appropriate option for their dig. Bounty Hunter Metal detectors are available in a wide variety of choices and included accessories.

As a rule, you can expect a mid- to high-range metal detector to reach a depth of 3 feet, but there are some top quality products that can reach as far as 10 feet with the right kinds of objects (not all of them, though), whereas others may only manage as much as 1 or 2 feet at the most. Using their sensors, you can set them to pass over specific junk metals, meaning you can focus solely on striking gold and leaving this metal detecting life behind. Sensitivity – The sensitivity settings on your metal detector will determine how it reacts to objects in your immediate vicinity. Your new metal detector will come equipped with either automatic or manual ground balancing and there are some products that have preset levels that are suitable for the average patch of ground, but this is not always consistent, so you might need to adjust as you go along. Metal detector manufacturers recognized this issue and realized that no one’s going to use a product that turns out to be wrong the majority of the time.

If you want to use the machine underwater, you’ll need to buy some waterproof headphones separately. As I mentioned, the AT Pro is suitable for underwater hunting – including in salt water. The slightly higher frequency than the Fisher F75 and Teknetics T2 reduces depth, but allows the AT Pro to detect smaller coins and relics.

The only place it will not work as well on is the beach, so if that is your main place for treasure hunting, this feature will not help you. A good ground balancing gold detector will focus on finding the minerals in the soil that are unnatural. Even though you may find a metal detector that covers a large area, this wide range may make it harder to locate an exact area to start digging. As the sweep begins and the detector is activated, electricity from the battery goes into the outer transmitter coil, which creates a ground-penetrating electromagnetic field.

These technologies make it possible to hear even the tiniest gold nuggets. The high-end detector would not cost much if it has basic features. Minelab offers the where to find metal detectors GPX series of metal detectors, with the last one being GPX5000. The iron audio feature works in trashy areas, for you to hear iron signals and potential gold.

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It can be of 3 types – preset ground balancing feature, auto or manually adjustable one. This function will be very handy when using the device on soils with high level of disturbance, complex and alkaline soils.

It’s a small metal detector capable of more precise measurements than full-sized models. Of course, there are several crucial accessories to the metal detector. A good metal-detecting device can distinguish different metals by the sounds they make, hence the importance of wearing giant headphones. s with any hobby that involves gizmos, metal detecting provides the opportunity to spend an infinite amount on gear. Though metal detecting is a solitary pursuit, the hobby can be surprisingly social.

To perform efficient instrumental search one has to take into account the coil size as well, since it may vary from 4 to 20 inches (if necessary you can find coils twice as large). DD coils signal is a blade-shaped search field, that ensures uniform scanning of the surface under the coil. However, such signal type captures small area of ground and the coil sweep for each step has to overlap at least the half of the previous sweep. As for the professional metal detectors, they are completely damp proof and usually they are designed to perform searching both on land and in water.